This page lists additions or updates to this site with most recent at top
28th July 2006 long overdue graphs uploaded. January through to June graphs. All links in Archives
2nd March 2006 Have added Station Extremes A lot of data on the one page and very much a work in progress. Hopefully it is of interest to some. This years data is in red. A link to this page has been added on home page.
21st February 2006 long overdue graphs uploaded. Oct, Nov, Dec & Annual 2005 graphs. All links in Archives
15th January 2006 I've made a long needed update to Links page. Not too much, so no need to get excited. but links to pages with links. Also the Diary of Dublin Weather Station is online. I found this a fantastic read if you've got a couple spare hours. I'll add a few more during coming days.
12th January 2006 I've started work on a glossary, mostly to give some sort of explantion of the different elements reported on. This is work in progress and I intend to illustrate with pictures as well. Its all on one page here. There are direct links embedded in the main table on the home page.
8th January 2006 Having browsed the site with Firefox, I've changed the archive page, and the graphs can now be viewed, though still haven't done the last few months of 2005 yet. Also the graphs for yesterday were not downloading, this is now sorted.
2nd January 2006 Happy new year to all, I've finally found a way to upload 'yesterday's' data. It can be linked from home page and here. Details of highs and lows and some graphs. I am now working on changing the home page. Mainly just taking off the graphs and leaving them in a separate page. I've recently upgraded weather station to include solar and UV sensors and so graphs with these will start to appear. I'm mindful that I'm behind with the monthly updates. I'll get the text files uploaded.
2nd October 2005 Long overdue update, with June, July, August and September charts and data tables uploaded. All links in Archives, linked above. Hopefully all the links will work ;)
Also added a couple more items of current data. Last one minute average and high windspeed, and also last 10 minute high windspeed
1st June 2005 Various monthly charts and data table etc updated with May figures. All links in Archives, linked above
21st May 2005 New tables added to archives. Monthly data tables for Mean Max/Min and Average Temperature, Mean Monthly Windspeed and Monthly Sunshine
2nd May 2005 Archives updated with Apr05 charts and text summary, Rainfall table updated
1st April 2005 Archives updated with Mar 05 charts and text summary
5th March 2005 Finally got round to updating archives, with Dec 04, Jan 05, Feb 05 and Annual 2004 charts. Rainfall table has also been updated. Also a link to Annual 2003 charts was added
3rd December 2004 Archives updated with Nov 04 charts and text summary and have added grass temperature reading on home page. A ground frost occurs when this temp falls below zero deg C
13th November 2004 Archives updated with Sep 04 and Oct 04 charts and text summaries and fixed link to Last 12 months charts from home page. Only just realised that it was incorrect.
11th September 2004 Long overdue update, with Archives updated with Jun 04, July 04 and August 04 charts and text summaries for those months was added as well. Monthly rain database in Archives was also updated.

A new chart that I'll try update each month is Last 12 months charts. I hope this latter addition is of interest to some of you.

2nd June 2004 Archives updated with May 04 charts and text summary. Monthly rain database also updated.
20th May 2004 Archives updated with March 04 and April 04 charts. Text summary for the 2 months also update. Have also had to increase update interval from 10 minutes to 15 minutes and may have to make it 30 minutes. All to do with having just the one phoneline and broadband not being available (possibly for a few years yet)
23rd March 2004 Added This years highs and lows with dates to main page. The dates have to be inputted manually, so they may not be totally uptodate, but I'll try keep up.
15th March 2004 Archives updated with February 04 charts
1st March 2004 Daily Dairy starts on new month with links to previous months on bottom of page. An entry was added to highlights page.
1st February 2004 Have updated archives with January 04 charts. Daily Dairy starts off on new month but previous months links are included on page. The plan will be to have links to Daily Dairy pages on the archives page as well.
16th January 2004 Highlights updated. "What's New" page added.
11th January Now updating at 10 minute intervals. Station History, Highlights and links pages added. 2003 monthly charts added to archives, 2001 monthly text files added to archives.
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